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About Brett's Dock Repair

If you live anywhere along the vast coastal properties of Wagoner County, chances are good that you will need quality dock repair service in Wagoner at some point. Living on the water is one of the biggest attractions for people moving to the sunshine state. Boating, whether for fishing or recreation, is an important and popular activity for those living near or on the waterways. Docks are necessary for boating. They allow for the loading and unloading of boats. In addition to boating, many people use piers to fish or swim from. They offer a way to fully utilize the benefits of living along the coast. Obviously, being exposed to the forces and elements associated with water, docks routinely need to be fixed or upgraded. Brett's Dock Repair is here to provide all of your quality dock repair service needs.

Most docks in Wagoner County are built to last a long time. However elements still take their toll on the structures. Tidal fluctuations and waves create a lot of force that puts strain on any structure in the water. Over time, these forces weaken the supports that hold up piers. Weather in Wagoner can accelerate the effect water has on them. Large storms create tidal surges and large waves that crash into the supports in their way. Storms can become violent enough to produce hurricanes. Hurricanes present a two fold problem for any structure in the water. Not only does the water get churned up, creating more devastating waves but anything above the water is subject to the forces of high winds. Eventually these factors and age of the structures will weaken them and make them unsafe or unusable. Brett's Dock Repair has the experience necessary to fully understand these damaging factors. We can assess damage and quickly provide dock repair service, extending the life of the structure.

Brett's Dock Repair has been servicing the Wagoner County area for over 30 years. In that time, we have gained the experience and knowledge necessary to provide lasting solutions. We are familiar with all constructions and use industry leading hardwood. Southern pine lumber is regarded highly for being a dense durable product with minimal knots. In addition to southern pine, we also offer Brazilian walnut which is also very well known for durability, often lasting more than 25 years, and its resistance to fungi and pests. Utilizing the best hardwoods, we can provide a dock repair service that will give our customers years of extended use of their dock. So no matter what you use your dock for, we will ensure you keep enjoying it.

Other factors that keep Brett's Dock Repair solutions above water for years include the use of stainless steel screws, hot dipped galvanized bolts on all structural members, sills which are double bolted, and joists. These materials and techniques help fend off the forces and punishing chemistry of Wagoner’s coastal waterways. Stainless steel and galvanized hardware fights the corrosive effects that salt water has on materials. Using large sills, joists and doubling exterior bands ensure that even the roughest seas are no match for our dock repair service.

We handle all projects large and small in Wagoner County. Our competent team can complete residential and commercial projects for any type of use. In addition to our dock repair service, we offer many other services that help you utilize and enjoy the amenities of life on the coast. With our vast experience, knowledge, expertise, and building techniques, you can be confident that we will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. For professional dock repair and more in Wagoner, call Brett's Dock Repair today.


Brett's Dock Repair Brett's Dock Repair Brett's Dock Repair Brett's Dock Repair Brett's Dock Repair


Brett's Dock Repair 918-933-8089
31143 e 690 rd,
Wagoner , OK 74467 UNITED STATES
Brett's Dock Repair

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