Greenwood Counseling Center

Greenwood Counseling Center

Counseling & Mental Health in Centennial, CO

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Counseling & Mental Health

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7430 E. Caley Ave., #125E
Centennial , CO 80111 UNITED STATES

About Greenwood Counseling Center

We all long for happiness and satisfaction in life.
At Greenwood Counseling Center we understand how difficult it can be to move out of a stuck place to really feel better; and, we know that finding the right person to help can be hard. At GCC, our highly experienced counselors have spent many years providing counseling to clients of all ages using research proven therapies and techniques.

With specialization in EMDR therapy, anxiety treatment, PTSD treatment, complex trauma, grief counseling and more, we have therapists who can help you make changes that will truly improve how you feel.

Is EMDR therapy all that we provide? No-We sometimes provide talk therapy without EMDR therapy, and we always incorporate talk therapy into our EMDR therapy. We believe that the therapeutic relationship is critical to healing, and so we make it a point to engage with our clients in a way that fosters trust and connection- not to mention that we truly enjoy the time spent with our wonderful clients!

We bring to our work decades of professional counseling experience, extensive training, and the unique education that comes from life experience.

For each of us, understanding our own story helps us to better manage our perspectives and how they impact relationships, behavior and emotions. We are here to listen and to help you grow into the happiest, most satisfied version of yourself.


Greenwood Counseling Center


Greenwood Counseling Center 720-372-0463
7430 E. Caley Ave., #125E
Centennial , CO 80111 UNITED STATES
Greenwood Counseling Center

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Greenwood Counseling Center
Counseling & Mental Health
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Greenwood Counseling Center

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