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Animus Studios

Arts & Entertainment in Riverside, RI

Arts & Entertainment Photo and Video Business Consulting and Services

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120 Amaral Street, Unit 1
Riverside , RI 02915 UNITED STATES

About Animus Studios

We help brands big and small find their fascinating and unleash it into the wild with the power of video. We help brands, agencies and other production teams create all sorts of content.

We bring all aspects of video under one roof, so we can make what the campaign calls for: motion graphics, animation, documentary style filming, scripted narratives.

We take a video-first, digital-first approach, but that doesn’t mean we’re blind to the best idea. We believe amazing idea are born from the storyboarding process and crafted into content for your entire campaign.

We're proud to call Providence, Rhode Island our home, but we work on projects all over the world.


Animus Studios 401-438-4800
120 Amaral Street, Unit 1
Riverside , RI 02915 UNITED STATES
Animus Studios

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Animus Studios

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