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3209 NW Expressway,
Oklahoma City , OK 73112 UNITED STATES

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Advanced Body Scan in Oklahoma City, OK and Plano, Texas believes that prevention is the best defense when it comes to health.
Early detection is essential when it comes to effectively treating disease. For many men and women, the first sign of heart disease is a heart attack. And for those with cancer, early detection can significantly impact survival rates. In non-small cell lung cancer alone, discovery in its initial stages can result in five-year survival rates as high as 92%.
As part of their mission, the experienced team at Advanced Body Scan offers affordable preventive scans of the heart, lung, and body, as well as virtual colonoscopies. All Advanced Body Scans, except for brain scans, are available without a doctor’s referral however, some qualification may apply. This ensures that men and women of Oklahoma City and Plano can take control of their own health and detect diseases before any signs or symptoms appear.
Advanced Body Scan uses state-of-the-art GE CT scanning technology for each of its scans and a board-certified radiologist reads the results. This guarantees peace of mind and accurate information so patients can take appropriate steps and seek medical attention as early as possible.


Advanced Body Scan 405-242-1400
3209 NW Expressway,
Oklahoma City , OK 73112 UNITED STATES
Advanced Body Scan

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Advanced Body Scan

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