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1900 Lakeview Ct SW, #202
Rochester , MN 55902 UNITED STATES

About Pinpoint Home Inspection, LLC

It’s important to understand the choice is yours in home inspection. Experience is the key factor when choosing an inspector; our inspections will include areas of the home interior and exterior, from the roof to the foundation and the exterior drainage and retaining walls. Our services include HVAC inspection, buyers inspection, and sellers inspection. Other specialties Include:

Radon Testing 1900 Rochester, MN 55902
Attic Inspection 1900 Rochester, MN 55902
Basement Inspection Rochester, MN 55902
Plumbing Inspection Rochester, MN 55902

Our promise to you is our very best professional inspection and complete satisfaction. Our goal is to provide you with an unbiased, accurate inspection report. Other services that we provide include roof inspection, foundation inspection, an electrical inspection.


Pinpoint Home Inspection, LLC 507-202-6740
1900 Lakeview Ct SW, #202
Rochester , MN 55902 UNITED STATES
Pinpoint Home Inspection, LLC

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Pinpoint Home Inspection, LLC
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Pinpoint Home Inspection, LLC

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