Curves Miller Hill

Curves Miller Hill

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4925 Matterhorn Drive,
Duluth , MN 55811 UNITED STATES

About Curves Miller Hill

Going to a co-ed gym can be intimidating. Many of our members feel more comfortable exercising at our women-only gym. You’ll love exercising here because:

We maintain a supportive, judgment-free community.
We offer nutritional programs to help you start eating healthier.
We have a Curves Smart fitness monitor that will push you to reach your goals.
We make ourselves available to answer any questions you may have.
You can work out at any Curves gym in the country for free once you become a member.


Curves Miller Hill 218-279-2878
4925 Matterhorn Drive,
Duluth , MN 55811 UNITED STATES
Curves Miller Hill

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Curves Miller Hill
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Curves Miller Hill

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