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Male Enhancement Pills Miami
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Royal jelly has a remarkable composition, the research of which has been carried out till now. It contains 67% water, 12.5% protein, 11% simple sugars (monosaccharides) and 6% lipids, mainly fatty acids. It also includes many micro-nutrients, some enzymes, antibacterial and antibiotic components and vitamins.
Royal jelly for men “works” in the following directions: restores male strength; treats prostatitis, as well as adenoma; rejuvenates the body; gives strength; strengthens muscle tone; heals infertility.
Our aim is to deliver products designed to help the body achieve optimal health without the side effects often associated with other medications. When conventional medicine cannot be avoided, our supplements can be used to complement the treatment for maximum effectiveness.
Doctor D. offers product lines that incorporate the best of Western and Eastern medicine. Our product composition is distinctively different from supplements already on the market, but includes unique combinations of herbs and supplements that have been proven effective. Our products contain quality-certified components and are highly potent. What’s more, we are dedicated to keeping our customers up to date with the latest news in healthcare, homeopathy and holistic treatments.
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