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Daniel D Durchslag
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27450 Tourney Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91355, United States
Daniel D Durchslag Santa Clarita
About Daniel D Durchslag
As a result of the years and scope of Dr. Drchslag’s professional experience he is able to bring a unique perspective to his practice of dentistry. The philosophy of his practice is to provide tried and true treatment and avoid the gimmicks and fads that appear to be taking over the field of dentistry. Providing these treatment goals, at affordable fees, as we guide our family of patients on the journey of maintaining dental health is the cornerstone of his practice.

Dr. Durchslag graduated Loyola University, School of Dentistry, in Chicago, his home town. He graduated in the top 10% of his class and as a student, served as a class member assistant teacher for his classmates. After graduating Dental School, Dr. Durchslag moved to Kansas City to start his practice of dentistry. While in Kansas City, Dr. Durchslag joined the faculty at the University of Missouri, School of Dentistry, on a limited basis, in addition to maintaining his private dental practice.

After practicing in Kansas City for over 5 years he was offered an exceptional full time teaching position at the Universtity of Southern California School of Dentistry. Dr. Harvey Coleman had just been appointed Dean and was instituting a new and innovative curriculum at the dental school. Dr. Durchslag was asked to assist establishing the School’s new Department of Emergency Dentistry. The dental school, with Dr. Durchslag’s efforts, established the first department of it’s kind in the country and the program became a model in the field of dental education.

Not only was this extremely innovative, the program was able to provide emergency dental treatment for over 1500 needy individuals a month at this clinic. This program became the precursor to the free clinic model used through out the country. During this tenure at University of Southern California, Dr. Durchslag, was voted the outstanding faculty of the year and with this award he received a grant for advanced training by the United States Department of Health to assist, on behalf of the government, to establish an emergency dental treatment program in Egypt. Unfortunately, this program was not implemented because of the untimely assassination of Anwar Sadat.

Dr. Durchslag was a published member of the faculty and participated in numbers research projects. Because of the unique functions of the schools emergency clinic Dr. Durchslag worked closely with all of the schools departments. It was therefore not surprising that he had the unique accolade when he was appointed one of the 10 members of the Schools Executive Committee, which was responsible for setting all governing policy for the entire dental school.

In the mid 1980’s Dr. Durchslag left full time teaching and opened his private dental practice on the Westside of Los Angeles. In the late 1990’s Dr. Durchslag was appointed the team dentist for the Oakland Raiders as the team was relocating to the Los Angeles area. Dr. Durchslag maintained this position for over 18 years and worked on the committee which developed protocals used for providing guidelines for dental treatment for all NFL players. While working with the Raiders professional football team Dr. Durchslag maintained his private dental practice in Beverly Hills.

While practicing in Beverly Hills, Dr. Durchslag worked with several dental manufacturers in developing many of the cosmetic dental procedures and materials that are still being used in dentistry. Because of this early work with the dental industry he still has the unique opportunity to eveluate many of the newest materials that are constantly being developed, particularly for the area of cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Durchslag has been a pioneer in the field of implant dentistry. Dr. Durchslag’s practice has been associated with the placement of over 750 implants and these cover a period in excess of 20 years. The sheer number of patients treated and the number of implants that have been placed over this period of time, has given his practice an experience level rarely seen in the field of dentistry.

For over 20 years of practicing dentistry in Beverly Hills, it is no surprise that many of Dr. Durchslag’s patients are seen in all aspects of the media. Movies, covers of national magazines, TV Series, and world class athletes in many sports all document the “Dentist to the Stars” reputation that is associated with Dr. Durchslag.
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