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301 West Bay Street, Suite 14132
Jacksonville , FL 32202 UNITED STATES

About Karstaedt & Stanko, P.A

Oour firm is built out of our belief that businesses of all sizes need and deserve legal counsel at every stage of their life.
Business Strategy
The startup and small business marketplace is still a fierce frontier that requires legal advice from attorneys who offer a competitive advantage that can help you save money and make more of it in the long run.
Liability & Risk
All businesses need to minimize their legal liability and risk. Our lawyers will assess the structure of your operation, such as its physical or digital space, the types of products you sell, who your client are, what type of entity you have filed under (LLC, Inc, etc.), and so on.
Not-for-profit organizations come with their own set of unique challenges. Both state and federal laws govern not-for-profit entities and their operations.
Mergers & Acquisitions
We assist our clients performing due diligence, whether they are buying or merging with an existing company or selling their current business.


Karstaedt & Stanko, P.A 904-217-5159
301 West Bay Street, Suite 14132
Jacksonville , FL 32202 UNITED STATES
Karstaedt & Stanko, P.A

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Karstaedt & Stanko, P.A

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