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464 Avenue of the Americas,
New York , NY 10011 UNITED STATES

About Kubeh

Referred to as a staple of Israeli cuisine, kubeh, similar to dumplings, has been around the middle east for years and served in a variety of forms, from fried or boiled to baked or raw. Chef Melanie Shurka brings her experience cooking kubeh to a restaurant of the same name at Kubeh in New York, NY, to provide unique and delicious middle eastern food for many to enjoy.

When developing the recipes, Chef Shurka spent her time in many different restaurants and homes where Israeli cooking was prominent. She learned the tips and tricks that have been passed down from generation to generation and takes great pride in giving her customers a taste of middle eastern food that is genuine and finely crafted.

Each piece of kubeh is rolled by hand delicately and filled with the finest and freshest ingredients available. The meat comes from small family farms that treat their animals humanely and are both 100 percent antibiotic and hormone free. Round like a meatball, they are commonly filled with lamb, beef, or vegetables and complimented by rich broths including beet, swiss chard, and tomato.

As a comfort food with a fresh appeal, the selection of kubeh offered includes Syrian lamb and fish, Iraqi vegetable, and Kurish Siske. In addition, they have a variety of middle eastern cuisine including mezes, spreads, and main dishes like Persian Lime Chicken and Jerusalem Cous Cous.

If you are searching for a unique and authentic place to take family and friends, visit Kubeh. You will receive excellent middle eastern cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere. Call (646) 448-6688 to reserve a table for 10 or more or visit their website to learn more about the middle eastern food offered.


Kubeh 646-448-6688
464 Avenue of the Americas,
New York , NY 10011 UNITED STATES

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