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2291 Kipling Ave.,
Etobicoke , ON M9N 4L6 CANADA

About 241 Pizza

241 Pizza is a proudly Canadian company, home of the original 2-4-1 Tuesdays. In 1986 241 Pizza opened its doors, growing into one of Canada’s leading pizza brands. Serving the customers every time with the highest quality, and freshest ingredients. Our dough is made in house every day and does not contain GMO ingredients. In addition to being known for our pizza, our wings are legendary, providing classic sauced wings, breaded wings chicken chunks. Feeling knotty? Try our pizza knots to satisfy your knotty cravings.
Keeping with the theme of their name 241 Pizza, their phone number 241-0-241 was accompanied by a jingle for many years which was “two for one pizza! Two for one oh two for one”.



241 Pizza 416-241-0241
2291 Kipling Ave.,
Etobicoke , ON M9N 4L6 CANADA
241 Pizza

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241 Pizza
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241 Pizza

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