Pewter Spoon Cafe

Pewter Spoon Cafe

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87 Albany St,
Cazenovia , NY 13035 UNITED STATES

About Pewter Spoon Cafe

That’s what we’re about. But one cannot live on great coffee alone, so we put together a menu that appeals to a variety of tastes and dietary needs including vegetarian, vegan & gluten-free options.

We include local produce on our menu whenever available. Our eggs come from local, humanely-treated free-range chickens and the soups and baked goods are as local as it gets: all from our own kitchen.

The Pewter Spoon is about the feel: warm, welcoming & comfortable. It’s a place to chat, catch up on work, meet your book club & get your two minutes on a soap box to let others know what you think – all in a friendly and tolerant setting.

We’re happy to see you. Stay a while.


Pewter Spoon Cafe 315-655-5554
87 Albany St,
Cazenovia , NY 13035 UNITED STATES
Pewter Spoon Cafe

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Pewter Spoon Cafe

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