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Green's Auto Service LLC

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810 B Hudson Creek Rd,
Dry Prong , LA 71423 UNITED STATES

About Green's Auto Service LLC

Green's Auto Service LLC is a locally owned and operated auto repair service company serving Dry Prong, LA and surrounding areas. We have been in the automotive repair business for the last 40 years, providing auto repairs and advice for customers with honesty and integrity. If you're looking for a reliable automotive technicians, Greens Auto Service is your No. 1 repair center.

Our Products & Services:
Automotive AC & Heating Repair & Installation
Engine Repair & Replacement
Auto Brake Replacement
Ford Auto Spark Plug Replacement
For tune-ups we use the best parts possible to ensure you have the best tune-up possible for your vehicle. For you Ford Owner's, we will replace your spark plugs for you, you don't have to go to the dealer.

We have a 27 point inspection, geared to ensuring that your vehicle is road worthy and that you have peace of mind when you or your love ones are in your vehicle. We look at fluids, tires condition, struts, brakes, Hydraulic system , shocks, wiper blades, air filter, headlight operation, stop-tail lights. Heater restraints, batteries cables hoses, coolant, drive axle’s boots.

Local Service Provided:
Auto Tune-ups Dry Prong LA 71423
Auto Maintenance Check Dry Prong LA 71423
Auto Electrical System Repair Dry Prong LA 71423
Contact Us:
Service Areas: Dry Prong& Pineville LA
Phone: 318-640-5461


Green's Auto Service LLC 318-640-5461
810 B Hudson Creek Rd,
Dry Prong , LA 71423 UNITED STATES
Green's Auto Service LLC

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Green's Auto Service LLC
Auto Repair
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Green's Auto Service LLC

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