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2555 S Santa Fe Dr, Unit E
Denver , CO 80223 UNITED STATES

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Calebs Management Enterprises, Inc. is a family owned business in the Commercial Roofing and Sheet Metal industry. The company was started by Michael and Brenda Post in 1983 and has been providing the Denver metro area with a quality and service oriented operation since then. Calebs is composed of two divisions;

Calebs Roofing “The Flat Roof Roofing Company” and Calebs Sheet Metal “Your Custom Fabrication Shop”

Michael Post is a second-generation roofing contractor and has been contracting roof work since 1973. With children of his own in the business the company is now a third generation business with all the experience that that entails. Calebs will be around for a long time to come.

Quality workmanship and service have been the guiding principle of Calebs since its inception. Beginning with one crew and one truck the company has grown to over 25 employees. In addition to the roofing operation there is a sheet metal shop, which supplies the sheet metal needs of Calebs, other roofing companies and the general public.

From the beginning Calebs Roofing has specialized in commercial roofing. The company has served over 5000 clients with near perfect customer satisfaction. Michael Post has brought innovation to the roofing business by designing a management structure that maximizes Quality Control and ensures customer satisfaction.

The company is a stable organization with a sound financial base and a managerial philosophy that will carry the organization well into the 21st Century from a position of leadership in the industry.


Caleb's Management Enterprises 303-971-0256
2555 S Santa Fe Dr, Unit E
Denver , CO 80223 UNITED STATES
Caleb's Management Enterprises

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Caleb's Management Enterprises

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