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4 McCandless Street,
Linden , NJ 07036 UNITED STATES

About Duraamen of North Jersey

Our clients come first.

At Duraamen of North Jersey we strive to provide a customer experience that is as extraordinary as the products and services we offer.

To begin each project we painstakingly review your project’s environment and requirements. We will guide you by offering suggestions that will improve performance, aesthetics and cost-effectiveness. We keep you informed through each step of the installation process so that you are confident that we meet your timeline and budget. We promise to meet or exceed you expectations as our goal for every client is that they love their new floor!


ESPJ Construction has years of experience installing concrete coatings and polished concrete flooring systems. ESPJ has many satisfied clients who they’ve worked with to provide visually stunning and long lasting outdoor concrete surfaces. While ESPJ is renowned for their work on patios, pool decks, driveways, walkways and the like, they are also experts at indoor flooring, including polished concrete, concrete overlays, epoxy floor coatings and more.

Duraamen Engineered Products are the best performing products on the market for high-end concrete resurfacing and decorative flooring applications. Many of their products, such as Skraffino—a concrete overlay micro-topping, Param, self-leveling concrete overlays and Perdure series of epoxy and urethane mortar systems are some of the most cost-effective and easiest to install.

Duraamen constantly strives to provide demanding concrete coatings contractors with the most superior products. Duraamen’s legacy includes the distribution of the first ever dye to be used with polished concrete (Deso Dyes). Duraamen products have been used globally in some of the prestigious projects. Schedule a complimentary design consultation and project estimate: To learn more about our polished concrete solutions and how they can help your business or residential project, tell us your project details by calling us at xxx.xxx.xxxx or clicking the button below.


Duraamen of North Jersey 973-685-6215
4 McCandless Street,
Linden , NJ 07036 UNITED STATES
Duraamen of North Jersey

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Duraamen of North Jersey

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