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24501 Marguerite Pkwy,
Mission Viejo , CA 92692 UNITED STATES

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Steve Thompson is a consummate hair stylist bringing a skill set with him consisting of thirty nine (39) years of styling and barbering techniques which have been gleaned from practical application, trial and error, and camaraderie with many other practicing hair stylists.

Steve received his barbering and hair styling training in 1979. He completed training and was State certified in 1980. Many hairstylists believe that when a stylist learns barbering prior to learning hair styling, critical but quintessential elements are learned about forming and layering the hair and this creates a far superior foundation for then learning and developing hair styling skills.

Steves hair styling career began at the Magic Razor, a salon tailored toward budget haircuts. He chose the Magic Razor for his first outing because it was located at the ever prestigious Mission Viejo Mall; a great place to garner his new clientele. After spending several years in the trenches of low cost hair grooming, Steve stepped up to the next tier of Hair Styling. This is where he discovered his calling. Steve found that upper echelon hair styling commanded a more intriguing clientele; clientele that were more exacting but willing to pay for premium results.

Steve has continuously grown in his trade while working the last 30 years at five (5) separate hair styling outlets situated exclusively in the community of Mission Viejo. It is the exception rather than the rule that an entrepreneur can be so successful at his trade that he is able to stay within a geographical area and sustain enough business to make that his home of operations while simultaneously withstanding pressures of the economy and competitors of the trade. Clientele consisting of both Men and Women come to Steve because he provides a quality service of superior hair grooming on a repetitive basis. This quality is difficult to find in todays Service Environment.

Located at the Heart of Mission Viejo, Steves newest creation is a salon hailed as, Always Hair. Always Hair is a Full-Service Hair Salon for both Men and Women providing all hair grooming services from a simple Wash and Cut to Coloring, Weaving, Dying, etc. He also provides referrals for other services including Nails, Manicures, Pedicures, and Beauty Supplies!


Always Hair 949-633-7858
24501 Marguerite Pkwy,
Mission Viejo , CA 92692 UNITED STATES
Always Hair

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Always Hair

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