Hot Cherry therapeutic pillows

Hot Cherry therapeutic pillows

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768 Calabria, Southern California
Santa Barbara , CA 93105 UNITED STATES

About Hot Cherry therapeutic pillows

Hot Cherry
We manufacture therapeutic pillows filled with clean, dried, sustainable cherry pits. When heated they deliver moist heat that smells subtly like cherry pie! Place them on sore muscles, tummy aches or just to warm beds. They are completely washable and will last for years. Every household should have several to comfort the whole family.

Hot Cherry pillows are the boldest new spa product around. In spas the estheticians can promote any number of expensive products, but massage therapists have little, if anything to sell. They can’t sell hot towels or hot rocks, but they can sell Hot Cherry pillows. Spa directors like that they fit perfectly in hot cabbies, they can be sanitized with PureGreen24, and they're completely washable. Use them on clients, then sell them in the retail section, thus creating a whole new revenue stream for spas!

Hot Cherry pillows make memorable high-end corporate gifts, employee or promotional items. We can embroider your name or logo for custom branding. And, Hot Cherry pillows appeal to men and women alike! Because everybody likes to relax!
Hot Cherry pillows are Made in America! Good for people, good for the environment, good for business!


Hot Cherry therapeutic pillows 855-651-1651
768 Calabria, Southern California
Santa Barbara , CA 93105 UNITED STATES
Hot Cherry therapeutic pillows

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Hot Cherry therapeutic pillows
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Hot Cherry therapeutic pillows

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