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332 S. Michigan Avenue , 332 S. Michigan Avenue
Suite 1032 , IL 60604 UNITED STATES

About SquadhelpInc

For those looking forward to an innovative crowdsourcing platform which makes businesses host competitions for their naming and branding projects, Squadhelp is the solution!

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We make the creative minds, from all over the world, compete and submit exclusive Name Ideas, Logos and Taglines through different contests. And this lays the foundation of our success. Running an innovative scoring algorithm, we ensure to "self-curate" top creative, rewarding the one providing high quality suggestions. It is the same approach which helps those creative to earn thousands of dollars by adding unique ideas to generate memorable names and high quality logos.

For now, we have a community of over 40,000 creatives, which is still growing, and have brought forth more than 3 Million names. Do check our FAQs for more information.

Assisting several new and old businesses, we have made them establish a perfect brand name at the most affordable cost. We will be happy to know your feedback, reviews and suggestions regarding our services. Feel free to share the same with us at (844) 447-7823.


SquadhelpInc 844-447-7823
332 S. Michigan Avenue , 332 S. Michigan Avenue
Suite 1032 , IL 60604 UNITED STATES

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