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200 NE Missouri Rd, #175
Lee's Summit , MO 64086 UNITED STATES

About Bright Bankruptcy Firm

FREE PHONE CONSULTATION. Long hours, with 24 hour service available in some cases. Call now! Facing a lawsuit? Facing foreclosure? Or need a fresh start? Bankruptcy could be an option that protects your assets and allows you to eliminate debt. Please feel free to call our firm to receive a free consultation regarding whether bankruptcy could be a solution to your financial difficulties. The call and the consultation are free and you can get answers right now over the phone.

One of the reasons that many people delay in calling a bankruptcy attorney comes from their fear of the unknown. But that is precisely the reason we implore you to consider your options before it is too late. We realize that bankruptcy will most definitely not be the right option for all situations, and calling us or reading this certainly does not constitute the creation of a client-attorney relationship, but you could learn by calling the friendly and knowledgeable team to learn about your options and learn whether bankruptcy would make sense in your situation.

Available nearly 24 hours a day!

You could learn about your options for the following:

-Getting a fresh start
-Getting your credit rebuilt after bankruptcy
-Finding out options for saving a home from foreclosure
-Finding out options for stopping repossession
-Stopping lawsuits
-Stopping garnishments
-Stopping foreclosure
-Stopping creditor harassment
-Stopping constant phone calls
-Stopping repossession

So call today, we are happy to assist you in determining whether bankruptcy will make sense in your situation.


Bright Bankruptcy Firm 816-429-2000
200 NE Missouri Rd, #175
Lee's Summit , MO 64086 UNITED STATES
Bright Bankruptcy Firm

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Bright Bankruptcy Firm

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