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2720 Northview Drive,
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"Forma was created two solve two problems: (1) personal trainers are underpaid and overworked; and (2) clients want to choose, without stress, the entire personal training experience - when, what, where, with whom and how much. With the Forma app personal trainers have the possibility to make more money, work more efficiently and retain full control. Clients can choose a personal trainer on their terms. Think Uber for personal training. Forma built a solution for two groups that have been largely ignored – personal trainers and clients.

For personal trainers the benefits are: 1) No Contracts. No Subscriptions; 2) Money hits your bank account within 48 business hours or sooner; Clients find you; 3) Existing clients can use this app; 4) Perfect for gym/studio trainers and/or freelancers; and 5) All-inclusive solution for a trainers business. For clients the benefits are: 1) You pick where you want to exercise. Trainer comes to you; 2) You can browse trainers based on your schedule, location and budget; 3) View Client reviews and ratings on Trainers; 4) You pay for the training sessions in the app eliminating awkward money talks; 5) Free to download. You only pay for training sessions you book; and 6) No Memberships. No Contracts. No Subscriptions.

Forma allows personal trainers to build and to manage their business from the palm of their hand. Trainers can do the following: 1) Getting and keeping clients is a trainer’s #1 concern. Using the Forma™ app, trainers can manage their entire business directly from their mobile phone; 2) Download for free. There is a one-time $36.82 background check cost that is done directly on the app when you register as a trainer; 3) Market your services, find and connect with Forma™ users, manage schedules and track payments in minutes. You can even transition your existing clients onto Forma™ and handle everything, seamlessly through the Forma™ app; 4) Forma™ isn’t just convenient, it’s also smart. It will automatically give you the option to receive directions (via Waze) to your next appointment without the fuss of entering in the destination manually; 5) Using the Trainer Dashboard you can set your location (15 mile radius), hourly rates, availability, select the types of sessions you offer, Forma™ then lists your profile with any users looking for trainers that match those criteria. Getting and keeping clients just got a whole lot easier; & 6) The Forma™ technology platform was built for you and clients.

For clients using Forma they want to know their personal trainer before the first session. With the Forma app, get to know your trainer before you meet face to face. Read all about your potential trainer via their Forma profile and view ratings from other users. For extra peace of mind, Forma performs a background check on every trainer. Also with Forma there is no gymtimidation. Brick and mortar gyms are no longer the gatekeeprs to the personal training experience. With the Forma app, clients enjoy the freedom to personalize their training experience. They pick the trainer, time, location and cost.

Forma fitness on demand and on your terms.


Forma Technologies USA, LLC 469-759-9796
2720 Northview Drive,
Mckinney , Texas 75070 UNITED STATES
Forma Technologies USA, LLC

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Forma Technologies USA, LLC

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