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29 College Rd, Ste 8B-1,
Fairbanks , AK 99701 UNITED STATES

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If you suffer from chronic back pain, you know even mild discomfort is enough to keep you from doing the things you love. It affects your quality of life and well-being, and finding a solution to your pain isn’t as easy as taking prescription drugs or having surgery. Medication has side effects, and surgery is painful, but chiropractic adjustments from Sun 7 Chiropractic are an effective, unobtrusive way to eliminate your pain. Sun 7 Chiropractic has proudly provided the residents of Fairbanks and North Pole, AK, with dependable chiropractic service for the past 30 years.

A chiropractic adjustment is a procedure where a sudden, controlled force is applied to a spinal joint to realign the spine. It’s a common therapeutic treatment that increases range of motion, reduces nerve irritability, and improves overall function. The chiropractors at Sun 7 Chiropractic use chiropractic adjustments, along with other chiropractic techniques, to relieve painful symptoms caused by swollen or stiff joints, sports injuries, automobile accident injuries, and more. They will evaluate your pain to find its source, and they offer you an effective treatment plan so you can start living pain-free.

The entire staff at Sun 7 Chiropractic understands your pain is unique to you, and the healing process is different for everyone. Their chiropractors cater to their patient’s individual needs by personalizing their care and creating a treatment plan specifically designed to target their problem areas. The atmosphere is relaxed and supportive, and their friendly chiropractors are always willing to answer questions and address any musculoskeletal concerns you may have. Your health is their number one priority.

It’s time to stop living in pain and start taking advantage of the chiropractic adjustments at Sun 7 Chiropractic. Schedule a consultation with one of the certified chiropractors by calling (907) 456-3302. You can also visit the website to learn more about how their services can eliminate your chronic back pain.


Sun 7 Chiropractic 907-456-3302
29 College Rd, Ste 8B-1,
Fairbanks , AK 99701 UNITED STATES
Sun 7 Chiropractic

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Sun 7 Chiropractic

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