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14348 W Comisky Drive,
Boise , ID 83713 UNITED STATES

About Boise Window Cleaning

You want crystal clear without all the hassle? Boise Window Cleaning not only provides the clean windows, but allows our clients to rest easy because washing windows is what we do and have done for years! If you are looking for a professional who is near by, licensed and insured, then give us a call!


1. We are the Treasure Valley. Being from the Treasure Valley, we know Boise, Nampa, Meridian, Eagle and the list goes on.

2. 110% Guarantee. We know that no matter the job, no matter the space, no matter the frequency, that we won’t leave you disappointed. We do the job right!

3. Safety. We can’t think of too many things that scare our socks off more than thinking of little Tommy up there balancing on the pitch of the roof trying to clean that house window. Sure, that window will receive a “OK” clean, but can you feel confident that Tommy is safe? Or that we won’t fall when getting back down the ladder? Or that he will actually clean the window? What was supposed to be an activity that helped you enjoy the day and free up some time, now becomes a big-time stress!

4. Stress Free. Eliminate that stress and call us! We will take on any job, and any number of stories! Your home needs us! Your office windows adorn us. OK, that might have taken it too far.

Five-Star work.

Professionally insured.

Licensed and highly-trained puts confidence in your decision, and let’s you see clearly (pardon the pun) that you made the right decision.

We are fast and reliable. We want to make your life easier!


Boise Window Cleaning 208-449-1421
14348 W Comisky Drive,
Boise , ID 83713 UNITED STATES
Boise Window Cleaning

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Boise Window Cleaning

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