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24325 Crenshaw Boulevard,
Torrance , CA 90505 UNITED STATES

About Healthcare And You

Health, Life, Wellness and Prosperity Economics!

HealthCare and You practices Health, Life, Wellness and Prosperity Economics. We believe that health, wellness and financial planning are inter-related and looking at them separately does not paint the “whole picture”.

Our insurance solutions are designed to take you from where you are today, to where you want to be in the future. Our strategies protect you, your family, your business, your employees and your money.

We offer cost effective insurance strategies that reduce out of pocket medical costs and they build a powerful wall of a protection around your health and financial well being. Our solutions also allow you to bank your own Brilliant Retirement Strategy, without the ups and downs of the Stock Market or the risks of Wall Street.

HealthCare and You works with clients at any income level, this includes individuals, families, small business owners and their employees.

The Strategy of Health, Life, Wellness and Prosperity Economics Represents:

Healthcare – Optimal healthcare coverage while reducing out of pocket expenses.

Life – Protecting youself and your family in the case of catastrophe or death.

Wellness – Being preventive and making informed decisions regarding your health and wellness.

Prosperity Economics – substantial upside annual returns, no capital loss protection, increased cash flow, liquidity, reduced tax, decreased debt, living benefits, lifetime retirement income and flexible death benefits.

For HealthCare and You, bold health insurance options that bring down the yearly medical cost of an individual, family, employee or employer is the catalyst for our Health, Life Wellness and Prosperity Economics strategy. This strategy allows you keep more of your money and put it where it can work overtime earning more income for you.

Book a consultation and receive a FREE $10,000 Accidental Death Insurance Policy.


Healthcare And You 800-477-2067
24325 Crenshaw Boulevard,
Torrance , CA 90505 UNITED STATES
Healthcare And You

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Healthcare And You

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