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4780 Grant St,
denver , CO 80216 UNITED STATES

About Cogent Electric LLC

When you need electrical service for your residential, commercial or industrial property in the Denver, CO area, rely on the master electrician at Cogent Electric, LLC. With over 25 years of experience and the tools to handle any job, we are your trusted company for electrical service calls in Denver, Colorado. Request your appointment today for electrical services including:

• Electrical panel installation
• Electrical panel upgrades
• Electrical system design
• Electrical troubleshooting and repairs
• Electrical wiring
• Generator/appliance installation
• Lighting repair and installation

Our expert electrical services are available for your residential, commercial and industrial properties throughout the Denver, Colorado area. Improve on your property today with quality electrical services from Cogent Electric.


Cogent Electric LLC 720-284-8328
4780 Grant St,
denver , CO 80216 UNITED STATES
Cogent Electric LLC

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Cogent Electric LLC

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