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At Baffman Media we provide a long list of services that are often referred to as seo, sem, internet marketing, website optimization, and website development. Individually these services are unique to each other but most often overlap. For that reason we take a more "holistic approach" to our clients digital properties. We refer to these properties as digital assets and it is those assets that create your digital Image.

Things like Websites, Facebook, Google My Business are all examples of a digital properties. These can be an assets or in some cases a liability. For example it is easy to conceptualize a brick and mortar store. We see them every day. We drive up and park. We may see a sign with the address, name and phone number. They may have the hours they are open. Walk in and we see isles with various products. Sometimes there are signs telling us what is in each isle. All the shoes are in one place. All the wallets in one place, the purses in another etc. All of the store's property or, assets, are organized and easy to understand. It all fits together nice.

Online or in the web, we want our company's assets to be just as neatly organized. All of them need to fit together in a neat coherent fashion. Humans need to have an easy time finding what we are offering our city or the world for that matter. So, typically companies get a web site a Facebook page and a twitter account because "they say" we need those in today's digital world. What they don't say is how the computers that hold our digital properties see our web site and our Facebook and all of the other information on line about us and our company.

That is where Baffman comes into play. We understand what is going on under the hood of the fastest growing data bases in the world. This is where our holistic approach to your digital assets goes to work. Search engine optimization in and of itself can only do so much. Although, SEO is one of the most powerful ways to get your message heard. Alone it is not enough.

Combine website optimization with search engine optimization, our ability to teach the web what you are about, have all of your digital properties ship shape and what do you get? You get your message in front of the right people and that gets you more, consistent customers.

We are apart of a "think tank" that is often referred to as the Harvard of SEO. Over time we have connected with the industries top minds and built our team. We bring that advantage to you and your business and put the internet to work for your company. What kind of impact would that have on your team, your family!


Baffman Media 800-585-5201
6617 Park Ave,
Allen Park , Michigain 48101 UNITED STATES
Baffman Media

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