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319 Bleecker St,
New York , NY 10014 UNITED STATES

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Manufacturer of the cult French Striped t-shirt and sailor sweater made in Normandy, France since 1889.

Saint James' fame is based upon a cult item of clothing "the genuine pure new knitted woolen Breton seaman's sweater". Originally intended for deep sea fishermen, then adopted by known seafarers, and amateur yachtsmen. Its pure wool, pure cotton, "seashore" stripes attract a large clientele on the coast, but also in the major cities of France, and equally throughout Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan, and South Korea.

Anyone who recognize themselves in values such as open-mindedness, freedom, authenticity, integrity, and an admiration for a century-old know-how will be at home in a Saint James boutique.

Continuing a thousand year old tradition in textiles, SAINT JAMES began around 1850 in the city that gave its name to the brand. The company dyed and weaved wool that was sold in the form of skeins and balls in dry goods shops, and as undergarments and socks for hosiery shops. From the end of the 19th century, under the leadership of father and son Léon Legallais, SAINT JAMES
manufactured the famed shirts made of local wool for sailors. This precursor of the sailor's sweater was knitted with wool that is only lightly degreased, ensuring insulation and heat. For a long time, the SAINT JAMES
sailor's sweater was part of the "sailor's bag" for the fishermen of Granville, Cancale and Saint-Malo who went to catch cod in Newfoundland. Since then, the company has become the emblem of the genuine nautical, higest possible quality, pieces of garment, adopted by such icons as Coco Chanel, Pablo Picasso, Karl Lagerfeld, Johnny Depp, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz...


Saint James® Clothing Boutique 212-741-7400
319 Bleecker St,
New York , NY 10014 UNITED STATES
Saint James® Clothing Boutique

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Saint James® Clothing Boutique

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