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3228 Harlem Ave,
Riverside , IL 60546 UNITED STATES

About Rich's Galaxy Upholstery

Galaxy Upholstery Inc., located in Riverside, IL, provides upholstery and furniture services throughout the Western Suburbs of Chicago, IL. As a family owned and operated business, we offer a variety of professional upholstery services for the home or office that includes free pickup and delivery.

Galaxy Upholstery Inc. specializes in: Upholstery repair and restoration for all types of furniture, Re-stuffing springs and foam cushions, Remodeling and restyling, Wood refinishing and caning

No job is too small or large; we can re-stuff couch cushions and reupholster chairs and headboards for the home or produce professional-quality upholstery for restaurants, churches, and other public businesses.

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Rich's Galaxy Upholstery 708-447-6070
3228 Harlem Ave,
Riverside , IL 60546 UNITED STATES
Rich's Galaxy Upholstery

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Rich's Galaxy Upholstery

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