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484 Lake Park Ave,
Oakland , CA 94610 UNITED STATES

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In 2011 City Construction recognized the resurgence of the construction sector and the need for a high-quality contractor to meet the growing demand for single family residences and multi-family rental properties. Since then, City began renovating single family homes in Sacramento and the East Bay. We help landlords maximize their ROI.

In 2012 commercial property vacancy rates began to decline. We took over 250,000 sf of tenant improvement projects in 2012 and 2013. City Construction saw this as a telling indicator of a surging economy with growth expectations over the next 5-7 years.

City Construction Business Model is built and based on three simple but crucial principles:
1. Competitive Pricing.
2. Quality work completed on schedule.
3. Excellent and consistent communication.


City Construction 510-666-5617
484 Lake Park Ave,
Oakland , CA 94610 UNITED STATES
City Construction

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City Construction

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