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2353 Rice Blvd.,
Houston , TX 77005 UNITED STATES

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"Are you looking for the perfect daycare? Look no further!
Crossing Borders International Preschool is a language immersion Preschool for children ages 18 months to 6 years old. All day long children are taught a new language, plus age appropriate academics in a formal school environment through the use of highly effective immersion-style teaching methods. Crossing Borders is committed to provide the best early education and language immerson programs and high-quality childcare in Houston, Pearland and Spring, TX.
Perfect For YOU!
Crossing Borders International Preschools are perfect for families, just like yours, who believe and understand the importance of diversity, culture, and the ability to speak more than one language in our global economy.
Very International!
Children from around the world attend our school not only to learn another language but also to develop an understanding of different cultures. Children are surrounded by other students, teachers, and staff from around the world, immersing them in the language they are learning as well as different cultures and customs.
While walking through the hallways of a Crossing Borders International Preschool you may see and hear:
-Teachers from Mexico, El Salvador, Argentina, teaching Spanish
-Teachers from South Africa, Canada or Morocco teaching French
-Teachers from China teaching Mandarin
-American teachers teaching English
-Other languages according to region"


Crossing Borders Preschool 832-808-2575
2353 Rice Blvd.,
Houston , TX 77005 UNITED STATES
Crossing Borders Preschool

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Crossing Borders Preschool

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