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Counseling & Mental Health in Garwood, NJ

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300 South Avenue,
Garwood , NJ 07027 UNITED STATES

About Americare PT

Americare Physical Therapy is an outpatient manual orthopedic physical therapy practice. We specialize in the treatment of non surgical spinal conditions as well as post operative orthopedic conditions. We provide Occupational Therapy services for the treatment of neurological conditions and upper extremity dysfunctions. Our practice offers customized fitness programs and the gym has the equipment to suit your needs. Americare Physical Therapy offers special ergonomic assessments and posture re-education.

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Americare PT 908-543-4430
300 South Avenue,
Garwood , NJ 07027 UNITED STATES
Americare PT

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Americare PT
Counseling & Mental Health
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Americare PT

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