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65-04 Forest Ave #1,
Ridgewood , NY 11385 UNITED STATES

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Contact us today, If your gate is trapped, out of track, fail to roll down/up or if it is makes noises that signal something wrong, If your security gate got jammed don't try to use or fix it yourself unless you know what you’re doing because doing so will simply make the problem worst, and the restoration may take more time and cost you more, do not wait for a malfunction to fix its self, Avoid using the gate, and contact us immediately at (877) 575-4208 for a same day repair service, have a technician examine your gate, 24 Hour anywhere in New York City, Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx and Staten Island.
Roll Up Doors NYC also known as Perfect-Gates offers a full restoration and installation service for any type of gate and garage door as well as iron work and welding services for fences, stairs and cet.. , we have been in the field for a long time and we possess the practical knowledge to identify problems or malfunctioning with your roll up door and security gate, our techs hold the full capability to restore or change components if need to.
Upgrade your manual operating gate system by adding electric opener, making the gate fully automated, you can also turn it from a ugly solid non see-through gate with no visibility into your store from the storefront to a grill see-through gate with a special mesh design or standard mesh slots, full visibility or partial as you preferred.
All of our installs carried out by qualified professionals that are incredibly precise and comprehensive comes with a 3 month warranty with a full guaranty, we provide security gate solutions for local stores, industrial spaces, residential buildings and driveways as well as garage doors.
Finally Roll-up door which was correctly mounted, while using the finest components, and which receive the routine maintenance service, will be operating excellent for a long time, incorrect installment, or deficiency of routine maintenance, can result in issues later on, and can also be unsafe.


Roll Up Doors NYC 877-575-4208
65-04 Forest Ave #1,
Ridgewood , NY 11385 UNITED STATES
Roll Up Doors NYC

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Roll Up Doors NYC

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