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La Frite

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99 Macdougal Street,
New York , NY 10014 UNITED STATES

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The idea behind La Frite began over a late night munchies excursion in NYC's Greenwich Village. The owners who also own two Michelin rated french restaurants, noticed their love for french fries drew them closer & their disdain for nasty frozen chemical french fries inspired them to create the perfect fry, the perfect munchies. They wanted to pay respect to their customers from the their other French restaurants who repeatedly commented that their fries are the best they've ever had. They wanted to pay respect to ""Pont Neuf"", the most famous bridge in Paris where French fries originated & sophisticated & vulgar pleasures of all kind take place. So they High tailed to MacDougal Street - one of the most famous streets in NYC ti open their joint & the subject of so many cool people, songs, poems & other forms of artistic expression. And so it began...



La Frite 917-388-2541
99 Macdougal Street,
New York , NY 10014 UNITED STATES
La Frite

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La Frite
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La Frite

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