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JP Concrete Creations

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3505 Greyfield Lane,
Kennesaw , GA 30152 UNITED STATES

About JP Concrete Creations

With both indoor and outdoor options, we can stain or create cement countertops, flooring, driveways, pool decks and many other areas with our various textures and stains replicating stone, slate, tile, marble, leather, or any other type you request. We also perform concrete repair, resurfacing, sealing, and other options to make your spaces beautiful. And best of all, our products are all guaranteed environmentally friendly.

We are the solution to all your surfacing needs. These are a few of the services that
we offer:
Interior Staining
Exterior Staining
Pool Decks


JP Concrete Creations 770-590-8955
3505 Greyfield Lane,
Kennesaw , GA 30152 UNITED STATES
JP Concrete Creations

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JP Concrete Creations
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JP Concrete Creations

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