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Michael Nelson Properties
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7556 12th Ave Ne., Seattle, WA 98115, United States
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Michael Nelson Properties Seattle
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Michael Nelson Properties

The Poor work ethics of the staff puts tenants at risk of false debts.

Such bad record keeping that they lost track of credit on my account and once new management came they tried saying I have an outstanding balance remaining on my ledger and need to pay money that they specifically took off of my rent over 6 months before new management came , and now even after proving myself ,I am Fighting with them to take accountability for their negligence on the job and for stressing me out, so I am writing this , because I have never once been late for my rent, I've always been early. They conspired to ruin my rental report to taint my perfect tenant history so it appears that I kept an outstanding balance for months, so I cant use them as a reference to a new place or it would appear I was not as perfect a tenant as I for sure am .I don't think its fair them getting away with ruining my future by keeping bad records that reflect incorrect payment history . Stop passive aggressively trying to conspire against people in order to power trip and slander people.

Not to mention my apartment has been flooded over 3 times which ruined my brand new beautiful cherrywood fireplace and the carpets they said would be NEW were only old carpet that had been Sprayed with a cheap cleaner and were a flea farm from the last tenant. the windows on my unit aren't even secure , even when they are locked you can literally push the windows out . the refrigerator over froze and wouldn't stop and it took them a super long time to replace it with a filthy junky old Un-clean used one which I had to scrub to the point of possible carpal tunnel . and the toilet leaked and faucets dripped , also The main room has a mysterious leak which isn't visible and causes water to come up from the floor boards along the wall around and causes soaked carpet to destroy furniture , and Its repair would require a french drain installed on the outside of the house , and I never got resolution for that and I already informed the maintenance man.

the New Property Manager Jeremy Montgomery Is a nightmare he and the accountant Jessicka are the most rude and discriminatory passive aggressive burdens I have ever encountered , they put your problems off of their agenda until it is a total inconvenience for you. It's as if the wait until they know you cant deal with it because of being out of town. they sit there and literally laugh at you as your in tears because they are unwilling to address the issue of past employee's not writing in details of reasons for credits given to individuals , Jeremy Instead Insinuates that it's the tenants responsibility to keep track of exactly what the credit was issued for . Despite me having a clear to read receipt with a signed note from the accountant stated that I have a credit towards next months rent .
But He thinks that the tenant should be at fault for them not remembering to keep records of the reason for a credit almost a year prior to them harassing me now about it. And now that there is a completely new Manager and Accountant they are undeniably insulting me with insinuations that I am to be charged for their bad track keeping .
And I feel like they are trying to penalize me , when I have been a great tenant with rent paid well before It's due.

and also they won't give you a person to contact in a position above Jeremy , Jeremy states that he is the Main boss and he is the top dog and Basically I Know that it's a lie . He Just wants me to be without a voice heard and for me to be powerless to defend myself and forced to pay for his Ignorance of the obvious evidence that clear's me from fault.

Dear God,
Please Deliver us all from the wicked ways of these demonic possessed conspirators Jeremy and Jessicka,
two turds of the same toilet bowl that should be flushed down.
posted reviews about
Michael Nelson Properties

worst landlord experience ever

I wish I could give 0 stars. These are the most unscrupulous landlords I've ever dealt with. Let me say upfront that I am a very good tenant. I pay my rent on time. I am quiet. I am clean. I am neighborly and kind. I consistently go above...
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