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14 Prospect St.,
East Orange , NJ 07017 UNITED STATES

About R P M Development Group

Welcome to RPM Development Group. We are a leading developer of affordable housing, and have assembled an experienced development, construction and management team that is highly skilled in the specialized disciplines required to achieve success in this market.

RPM’s success in the affordable housing marketplace is largely attributed to the high standards consistently achieved in the quality of the housing we produce. We have received wide recognition for our efforts to assist in the revitalization of inner cities by renovating old properties and developing abandoned vacant parcels. Through our efforts to build and offer affordable housing in impoverished areas, we have cultivated favorable working relationships with Federal, State and local government agencies.

We eagerly invite you to call on our expertise to discuss any development plans you are considering now and in the future.

RPM Development Group…Serving the Community’s Needs for Better Housing

Prior to the development of a property, RPM Development Group works especially hard to establish key relationships within the community in which the development is proposed. We meet and coordinate objectives with local officials and we listen to the needs articulated by community members, especially those living in existing properties in the development area. Our knowledge and keen sense for a community’s housing and needs for support services does not come only from statistics, studies or reports; it comes from the people of the community where the housing is to be located.

RPM’s goal for every project is to develop affordable properties that are well designed, well built and which have solid economic fundamentals, furthering our commitment to providing high quality affordable properties that make sense and are tailored to the needs of individual communities.


R P M Development Group 973-677-0601
14 Prospect St.,
East Orange , NJ 07017 UNITED STATES
R P M Development Group

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R P M Development Group

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