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718 Thompson Lane, Ste 108
Nashville , TN 37204 UNITED STATES

About Hoover Trucking & Topsoil

Need topsoil?

I have premium topsoil, shot rock and fill dirt for sale in the Murfreesboro/ Smyrna/ Nashville/ Mt Juliet areas and everywhere in betweenat a reasonable price. If you need 1 load or 1000 loads give me a call. No job too small or too large.

Need trucks?

Have you ever had trucks setup and they show up late....or not at all? Then, if they do show up, they drag their feet so the job will last longer (making them more money)? Or just about as bad, they show up and are reckless and dangerous on the jobsite? Not with Hoover Trucking! We show up on time and ready to roll! We get the job done quickly and safely. We pride ourselves in a job well done.

My name is Bob Hoover, owner of Hoover Trucking. I am a tri-axle dump truck owner operator that hauls dirt, rock, sand, asphalt, demo material and anything else that will fit in the bed of my truck. If you need more than one truck, I network with 10-15 other owner operators that operate on the same standard.

The bottom line is, if you need trucks or material and you need to get the job done on-time, on-budget and safely then you need to call Hoover Trucking to get the job done right. I've been in business since 2004, I've weathered the storm of the down economy and I'm here to stay.

Give me a call and we'll Git-R-Done!

Bob Hoover
Hoover Trucking


Hoover Trucking & Topsoil 615-542-2093
718 Thompson Lane, Ste 108
Nashville , TN 37204 UNITED STATES
Hoover Trucking & Topsoil

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Hoover Trucking & Topsoil
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Hoover Trucking & Topsoil

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