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175 Portland St., 6th Floor
Boston , MA 02114 UNITED STATES

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Natural Modernism

The work of Flavin Architects is deeply rooted in the context in which our projects are sited; we call this approach to design Natural Modernism. The firm designs buildings that relate beautifully to their surroundings, with sculpted lines and timeless materials. With an aim to blur the distinction between inside and out, we use transparency and axial views to draw the eye to the natural world. The work is designed to tread lightly on the earth. We make innovative use of cutting-edge materials and techniques to conserve energy, water and the natural systems present on the site.

The success of our projects depends on strong relationships and teamwork. Flavin Architects seeks to understand our clients' intentions so that we can translate these goals into a design tailored to them. Each project is sculpted to the client's way of living or working, inspiring a range of styles from the most sophisticated modern to beautifully crafted traditional designs, often with inventive cross-overs. Our hand-rendered drawings, models and computer simulations work together to ensure that our clients understand how a concept will work and accurately convey the project's look and feel when built.


Flavin Architects 617-227-6306
175 Portland St., 6th Floor
Boston , MA 02114 UNITED STATES
Flavin Architects

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