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1325 Arrott St., Basement
Philadelphia , PA 19124 UNITED STATES

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I started as a Carpenter in 1976 and worked in the New Home Construction Industry until late in 1979. January of 1980 I found a job as a maintenance person in the Property Management Industry where I became the Maintenance Manager of 780 apartments. Working in the maintenance field I found that most problems in most buildings are a result of water damage. I became an expert at making water damage repairs.

I started this business in 1986 as a service to the Property Management Industry making apartments ready to rent. I still do apartment preparation and water damage repair in addition to Plumbing, Heating, Drain Cleaning, and Video Drain Inspection.

I have been a Licensed Journeyman Plumber since 1985 and a Licensed Registered Master Plumber since 2000. With my Carpentry & Construction experience I can repair or replace most anything.

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Bleil Plumbing 215-289-8863
1325 Arrott St., Basement
Philadelphia , PA 19124 UNITED STATES
Bleil Plumbing

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Bleil Plumbing

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