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7 DaySale4U.com : Ebay Reseller & Trainer

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About 7 DaySale4U.com : Ebay Reseller & Trainer

I quit a 12 hour a day sales job because my quality of life was suffering too much from the stress! I started selling personal items on eBay because I figured that once I got another job, I might not have time. I planned to go look for a job once I had sold any of our own items that we weren’t using. (We have a no clutter policy.) Friends and family started asking me to sell for them when they heard what I was doing, and it occurred to me that I might not have to get another job if I could make enough to make the house payment selling on eBay. That was six years ago, and I never did have to get another job. I love it, and from the beginning, it seemed to take on a life of its own. As I started getting busier, my husband took over the packing and shipping (which is great because he’s the perfectionist). Three years ago my husband told me I should get certified and teach others how to sell on eBay through eBay’s Education Specialist program and I’m so glad I took his advice! I teach them everything I’ve learned through the years and thoroughly enjoy watching them grow their own successful eBay business.

I am a Certified Education Specialist Trained by eBay in The Basics of Selling on eBay, Beyond the Basics and eBay Stores.


Powerseller on eBay
2012 eBay on Location Speaker– to view eBay on location Selling 101 taught by Shari Smith go to:http://events.tsok.net/ebay/sess06.html
Certified Education Specialist Trained by eBay and 2010 Featured Instructor
2010 & 2011 Education Specialist Excellence Award Winner
Guest on eBay Radio. To listen to How to Organize Your Day for Listing on eBay Radio go to http://www.voicemarketingradio.com/vmr/content/ebay-radio-show-463-segment-7-top-rated-seller-hour
You can also listen to me on eBay Radio talking about Holiday Selling: http://www.voicemarketingradio.com/vmr/content/ebay-radio-show-489-segment-5
Toastmasters: Advanced Communicator Bronze
I’ve recently worked for eBay on two pilot programs. View the article about eBay’s latest pilot programs: http://allthingsd.com/20130102/ebay-tries-two-new-ways-to-sell-drop-off-points-and-home-pick-up/

Start your own eBay business.

7 years ago I quit my 11 hour a day job (despite the money which was great) because the stress was unbearable. My husband and I decided that our quality of life was more important than the money so I quit that job without having another job lined up.

While contemplating what I wanted to do for a living (so we could keep our Bay Area house we bought when we got married 2.5 years earlier), I started selling on eBay to clean out our house and get rid of things we were not using. When our friends and family found out I was selling on eBay, they started asking me to sell things for them. At that point I thought, ‘Maybe I can make this a business’.

I started selling for friends and family. Now I sell on consignment, and I do Drop Shipping which is selling for companies and once the item sells, they ship the item. I do not have to pay for the merchandise until after I have collected payment from the buyer.

4 years ago I learned that eBay has a training program through which I could be certified to teach others to sell on eBay, using eBay’s training program.

The Business Consultant/Business Start up training is private training tailored to your specific questions and needs. You choose what you would like to cover.

Training covers items including:

Starting an eBay Business
Creating a Business Plan
Accounting/Bookkeeping/Sales Tax Recording
Increasing sales through listing techniques
Getting merchandise to sell
Drop ship selling
Consignment selling
Packing & shipping
Becoming a Powerseller and a Top Rated Seller
Increasing profits using advanced tools to improve efficiency
Embedding pictures and/or videos in your descriptions for a more dynamic look
Setting up and fully utilizing the marketing features of having and eBay store and more.
I have had a successful eBay business as my primary income for over 5.5 years and I will teach you what you need to know to do the same!


7 DaySale4U.com : Ebay Reseller & Trainer 925-216-3328
21001 San Ramon Valley Blvd., A4-414,
San Ramon , CA 94583 UNITED STATES
7 DaySale4U.com : Ebay Reseller & Trainer

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7 DaySale4U.com : Ebay Reseller & Trainer
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7 DaySale4U.com : Ebay Reseller & Trainer

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