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JD Communications

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1549 N. Lake,
Pasadena , CA 91104 UNITED STATES

About JD Communications

Based in Pasadena, California, JD Communications has provided telephone systems to companies in Southern California for more than 30 years. A former telephone company manager who has worked throughout all different areas of telecommunications, including working on telephone poles to fiber optic transmission, started the company. In 1985, he saw the need for someone who could work with customers, vendors, and local and long-distance carriers.

The goal was to minimize downtime for customers and prevent finger-pointing situations when there were problems. Our solution was to create a one-stop resource for clients from small and medium-sized businesses to have a professional telecommunications provider without hassle and receive the most advanced technology in the industry, such as modern Voice Over IP systems.

We provide a variety of products to our clients in Southern California:

Voice Over IP & Digital Phone Systems
Station Equipment
Surveillance Equipment & Phone Systems
We service what we sell, as well as many other telephone systems:

Moving & Changing Equipment
Wiring New Construction
Computer Networking
Fast-Response Emergency Service
Third-Party Consultation


JD Communications 800-951-0686
1549 N. Lake,
Pasadena , CA 91104 UNITED STATES
JD Communications

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JD Communications

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