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Geebo Baseball , with Barbara Corcoran
Spring is on the horizon. It is hard to believe, with the immense amount of snow and winter weather some parts of the country are getting these days. But, yes, spring is coming and with spring comes baseball season. One of America’s favorite times of year, baseball season brings all sorts of things to look forward to. Stadium beer and hotdogs, buying tickets at the field, a new hat and a new jersey to show pride for your favorite player are all parts of what makes baseball season great. It’s a lot to remember, having to purchase all of the things that make your time spent at your home team’s field a trip worth remembering. GeeBo exists to make your baseball game experience easier, more secure, and more affordable. And Barbara Corcoran agrees!
You can use GeeBo to buy tickets directly to your phone, or reserve them for a future game. You can use Geebo to buy all of your gifts and merchandise whenever you want. You can even use GeeBo to get a cup of your favorite beer, slice of pizza, or a giant soft pretzel while you watch the game, never missing a hit or run! You can do all of this securely, without having to tote around cash, from your phone or any mobile device. Cashless, secure shopping while enjoying the game, seamlessly so that you don’t miss a single home run- GeeBo is the perfect app for this next baseball season’s experience! No cash or credit card needed, just have the GeeBo app on your phone or tablet!
And, even after the world series, or during the days you’re not at the game, GeeBo offers the same access to fun, tickets, food, and deals that they offer for the big games, but in stores and entertainment establishments all over! GeeBo was designed to give mobile users on the go a secure way to get good deals and access great stuff securely, cashless, and easily. Take your family out to dinner before your next game, or take your son out for an entire day of fun ending with a great baseball game- all possible and all safe with the GeeBo app. Geebo app is not only very convenient, it is extremely safe. Your credit card information will be protected from any crook that tries to steal your identity.



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Florida , 33478 UNITED STATES

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