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48141 West Rd,
Wixom , MI 48393 UNITED STATES

About Safeway Shredding

SafeWay Shredding is a Business to Business Shred Service located in Wixom and is Michigan's premier provider of mobile document destruction services. We are experts in the field of document security and destruction.

Mobile Document Destruction from SafeWay Shredding can process your documents on your site with our state-of-the-art mobile shredding trucks, or we can truck your paperwork to our facility for off-site destruction. Many businesses prefer mobile shredding services for a variety of reasons:

-With mobile document destruction at your site, you can see for yourself that all of your confidential materials are shredded before they leave your facilities.
-By contracting for on-site paper shredding, your employees do not have to spend hours and hours of their time managing records destruction.
- Mobile services can minimize the space you need for storage of documents waiting to be destroyed. You can schedule services to shred your papers in any size batches you prefer.
- Mobile shredding saves transport costs by combining the document destruction with trucking to the recycling center in one smooth operation.
- Mobile document shredding saves your company from having to invest in its own shredding systems. In terms of cost efficiency, energy efficiency, convenience, and the best protection of client privacy and confidential business data, mobile shredding could be a vital part of your company's paper handling system.

SafeWay Shredding supplies containers at No Extra Cost. SafeWay Shredding supplies lockable paper collection containers for use on your site. These lockable storage containers keep your un-shredded documents secure between mobile paper shredding service calls. When you use our mobile shredding service, your confidential papers never leave your premises until they are destroyed. Our convenient rolling bins are easy to move and are sized to fit seamlessly into your office or other workplace setting. We offer oversized bins for operations that generate large amounts of paper in a short time, or for storage if you choose long intervals between scheduled mobile paper shredding service calls.

We will provide our Customers with the most secure method of handling their sensitive information. Further, we strive to provide these services in a manner that is convenient and adds value to our customers. Most of all, our services must be economical and enhance our customer's bottom line. There is no substitute for Quality in the way we deliver our services. You have our guarantee on that!


Safeway Shredding 248-960-9606
48141 West Rd,
Wixom , MI 48393 UNITED STATES
Safeway Shredding

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