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7208 210th St SW,
Edmonds , WA 98026 UNITED STATES

About Coyote Cleaning Systems Inc

Manufactured by people in the cleaning business for 40 years.

Coyote Cleaning Systems is located in Edmonds, Wash. Features of the Coyote Propane Scrubbers include an off-set head so operators can see what's going on, a rugged 14 hp propane engine, hydraulic direct motors and more. What's more, their steel frame is made tough and everything is easily accessible.

Coyote Cleaning Systems products are manufactured by people who have been in the cleaning business for more than 40 years. That experience translates to a useful concrete cleaning product that's long-lasting and easy to use.

We offer:

• Hot water scrubbing equipment
• 1,100 RPM planetary tool
• Scrubbing pads
• Parts and accessories

A hot-water brush cleaning can eliminate the need for harsh chemicals, making our auto scrubbers ideal for parking garages, sidewalks and concrete slabs.

Call Coyote Cleaning Systems today or visit us online to learn more about our products.


Coyote Cleaning Systems Inc 425-776-8002
7208 210th St SW,
Edmonds , WA 98026 UNITED STATES
Coyote Cleaning Systems Inc

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Coyote Cleaning Systems Inc

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