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Pyramind Institute

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39 Jeff Adachi Way,
San Francisco , CA - California 94103 UNITED STATES

About Pyramind Institute

Pyramind Institute empowers the next generation of audio creators by offering cutting-edge hands-on and online educational programs. Advanced Training in Music & Game Audio Production, mixing & mastering, sound design, synthesis, songwriting, advanced production techniques, DJ'ing, live performance, and community!

Pyramind Studios is an award-winning audio and music production company located in downtown San Francisco.

Our studios have been active for over 20 years, producing music, sound design & dialog for clients that include:

Microsoft Studios, Insomniac Games, Sony Interactive, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Disney Interactive, Blizzard Entertainment, HTC Vive, Zynga, Amazon, Samsung, HP, Nvidia, GoPro, LifeBeam, Brandcast and many more.


Pyramind Institute 415-896-9800
39 Jeff Adachi Way,
San Francisco , CA - California 94103 UNITED STATES
Pyramind Institute

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Pyramind Institute

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