Wenger Contracting, Inc.

Wenger Contracting, Inc.

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6 Hunt Meet Ln,
Garnet Valley , PA 19060 UNITED STATES

About Wenger Contracting, Inc.

32 years ago, Owner, Todd Wegner started as a 'no job too small' side business doing small projects in the evening and weekends, while working for a local design build firm with experienced lead carpenters honing and learning the business end of Remodeling.
Navigating through the ups and downs of the remodeling industry, Wenger Contracting, Inc. has created a cultural of quality workmanship and service - recognizing the value of ongoing learning, always adapting to change, creating my market place, and appreciation / respect of dedicated employees, subcontractors, vendors.


Wenger Contracting, Inc. 610-361-2860
6 Hunt Meet Ln,
Garnet Valley , PA 19060 UNITED STATES
Wenger Contracting, Inc.

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Wenger Contracting, Inc.
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Wenger Contracting, Inc.

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