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Cottman Transmission Ctr

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4503 N Roxboro St,
Durham , NC 27704 UNITED STATES

About Cottman Transmission Ctr

All Cottman Transmission centers abide by Cottman's complete service philosophy, which calls for your vehicle's transmission to be repaired properly the first time, so that you don't have to lose either time or money.

We will road test your car, perform our Free and exclusive TransCheck 21 Plus Service and examine the transmission pan to determine if your transmission problem can be repaired without the transmission being removed from the vehicle. If it is necessary for your transmission to be "rebuilt", "overhauled", "remanufactured", or "reconditioned", (these are interchangeable terms), a rebuilding procedure will be performed according to our rigid technical standards and backed by our nationwide warranty.

Cottman will never compromise its standards just to make a vehicle "superficially drivable." We will never perform a low quality service that would result in increased costs, inconvenience, and possible hazardous driving conditions for our customers.

Cottman's status, reputation, and growth are a direct result of our commitment to quality standards, parts, and warranties, as well as our commitment to our customers.


Cottman Transmission Ctr 919-471-2506
4503 N Roxboro St,
Durham , NC 27704 UNITED STATES
Cottman Transmission Ctr

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Cottman Transmission Ctr
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Cottman Transmission Ctr

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