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Whether you need someone to install your new light fixture or you’re looking to update the roofing cables on your office building, turn to the professional electricians at Leiser Corporation. Based out of Weston, MA, this trusted electrical contractor offers comprehensive services to residential and commercial clients across the Boston metro area. With more than 45 years of experience, you can count them to exceed your expectations with cost-effective solutions and exceptional customer support.

Handling your new rewiring projects on your own can be dangerous; avoid these situations with help from this proven electrical contractor. Their skilled electricians will redo old wiring for kitchen and bathroom remodels. They repair electrical systems, including data and TV ports. You and your family can take advantage of Christmas light installations and exterior lighting upgrades for specialty projects, such as pool cabanas.

In addition to home remodels, Leiser Corporation solves problems for local businesses. These electrical repair specialists change and upgrade electrical panels, service panels, and outlets with top-of-the-line products. Clients can enjoy access to new generator and de-icing cable installs, as well as telephone system and computer wiring services. Technicians are available for ongoing support after repairs and installations are complete.

From fluorescent lighting installs to major re-wiring, the friendly electricians at Leiser Corporation have the answers you deserve. Fast, dependable, and courteous service, backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, is their hallmark. Call them today at (781) 893-5966 to schedule your free estimate or visit them online for more information.


Leiser Corporation 781-893-5966
8 Sibley Rd,
Weston , MA 02493 UNITED STATES
Leiser Corporation

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Leiser Corporation

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