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Hampton East,
Hampton East , VIC 3188 AUSTRALIA

About JK Mobile Auto

JK Mobile Auto started its engines in 2018 following nine years’ experience in the automotive industry across New South Wales and Victoria.

With a diverse range of experience including service, repairs and diagnosis in a Japanese car dealership and heavy vehicle repairs in the timber harvesting industry, the following five years involved working autonomously on all land-based vehicles out of a cutting-edge mobile workshop.

Making the move from a small coastal town to the big city in 2015 provided an invaluable opportunity for growth and building business-to-business and client relationships. These experiences revealed a startling insight – honesty and trust has become a rare trait in the automotive retail industry, which often places a higher value on profits than on accountability to, and the safety of, the customer.

We provides following services with automotive vehicles:

Auto Electrical services
Auto Repair Services
Diagnostics Repair Services
Diesel Specialist Services
Air Conditioning Services
Car BreakDown Services


JK Mobile Auto 04 3518 4775
Hampton East,
Hampton East , VIC 3188 AUSTRALIA
JK Mobile Auto

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JK Mobile Auto

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