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3 Brightlands Ct,
Mermaid Waters , QLD 4218 AUSTRALIA

About Battery Torque

With over 30 years of experience in the battery industry, trust Battery Torque to have the battery you’re looking for!

We pride ourselves on sourcing the highest quality products, offering only the best battery power solutions, expert advice and comprehensive product range at the most competitive prices. We offer affordable, high - quality brand - new batteries from top-rated companies along with fully - operating, professionally reconditioned batteries starting at just (insert the initial price of battery). We are the shop you can trust in car battery replacement and services for automotive batteries and batteries for boats, caravans and other vehicles on the Gold Coast.

Battery Torque specialises in used or reconditioned batteries. We test all batteries we shelf for reliability and performance to ensure that they meet the standards that we require.

We minimise the costs of batteries by offering reconditioned batteries with plenty of life left for quality performance at low prices.

- Longer battery life
- Outstanding durability for long haul use
- Best Price Guaranteed
- Built to meet the demands of marine application

Whatever battery you need, whether it is for your car or a boat or any other vehicle type, our team will give you proper advice which would give you real value for your money.


Battery Torque 04 1559 8301
3 Brightlands Ct,
Mermaid Waters , QLD 4218 AUSTRALIA
Battery Torque

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Battery Torque
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Battery Torque

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