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Delayna Denaye Aesthetics

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6001 S Willow Dr, Studio 24
Greenwood Village , CO 80111 UNITED STATES

About Delayna Denaye Aesthetics

Fine lines and wrinkles can reduce your self-confidence, but with the proper application of Botox® injections and other cosmetic treatments, you can turn back the hands of time. At Delayna Denaye Aesthetics in Greenwood Village, CO, certified nurse injector Delayna Frint offers proven anti-aging and rejuvenation treatments in a top-of-the-line medical spa. She and her staff personalize each procedure while focusing on a natural and refreshed look.

This local health spa is proud to offer FDA-approved age rejuvenation services at prices that fit your budget. Patients will love her relaxing treatments and peaceful atmosphere. As an experienced nurse with expert training in cosmetic injection procedures, Delayna uses her expertise to target frown lines between the eyebrows and crow’s feet with Botox injections.

Her non-surgical solutions include Kybella® injections and Restylane® fillers. These treatments will help with extra fat under the chin and severe facial folds, respectively. If you’re dealing with pronounced scarring or persistent acne, she offers the latest micro-needling therapy. Platelet-rich plasma injections are also available to increase collagen production.

There’s no reason to be nervous or anxious heading into your appointment. Throughout your visit, you can look forward to a warm and inviting environment. Delayna works hard to make the experience therapeutic and enjoyable. This spa-like service is more than cosmetic care; her solutions boost self-esteem and self-assurance in your daily life.

Frown marks and extra fat cells can be a thing of the past. Eliminate these problems with safe and affordable anti-aging treatments at Delayna Denaye Aesthetics. Call her office today at (303) 747-3464 to schedule an appointment or like her on Facebook for news and updates.


Delayna Denaye Aesthetics Delayna Denaye Aesthetics


Delayna Denaye Aesthetics 303-747-3464
6001 S Willow Dr, Studio 24
Greenwood Village , CO 80111 UNITED STATES
Delayna Denaye Aesthetics

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Delayna Denaye Aesthetics
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Delayna Denaye Aesthetics

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